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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the Journal's Web site updated?

The top stories from the most recent issue are posted on the site by noon on the day of publication. Additional content is posted throughout the day. Breaking local news stories are updated as events warrant. In those instances, the time an update is posted is noted on the homepage.

What classified ads posted on the site?

Classified ads from the printed version of the Saturday Journal are posted as soon as possible after publication and remain on the site for a week.

Is all of the content from the printed Journal available on the site?

No. The online version of the Journal provides many local articles, opinion pieces and classified ads (see above). Other content is reserved for the printed product.

Are the articles on the Web site exact copies of printed articles?

Not always. When identified, corrections and updates are made in the online copy.

Where can I find an archive of older articles?

The Journal does not maintain an online archive as such. Most news articles will remain on the site for at least a month. Articles in most other categories will remain longer, often several months.

Back issues of the printed Journal may be purchased at the office at 37 E. Main St. or by contacting the Circulation Department at (970) 565-8527.

Who should I contact about ...

   ... a suggestion for a news article or a beef with news coverage?
Suzy Meyer, editor/general manager...

   ... submitting a letter to the editor for publication in the printed Journal?

Letters to the editor can be e-mailed to

Letter must meet standards of fairness, accuracy and decency. Letters of less than 300 words are preferred and may be returned to the writer if substantially longer than that. Letters may be edited for length and content.

   ... a problem with (or question about) the Web site?
Lewis McCool, webminion ... Please specify Cortez Journal in your e-mail.

  ... subscribing to the paper, a problem with delivery or to stop or restart delivery?
Call the Circulation Department at (970) 565-8527.

   ... placing a classified ad?
Call the Classified Ad Department at (970) 565-8527 or 565-8574.


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