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Graffis Motors' expansion to continue quality service

June 27, 2000

By Jenn Ooton
Journal College Intern

Graffis Motors Inc. is expanding its used car business to include an additional location within Cortez city limits this week.

Graffis Motorsí new site, which will open today, will be located in the old K-Mart building on Main Street.

Graffis customers will be able to have their cars serviced without an appointment at the new locationís full service garage, and will also be able to examine cars in the parking lot outside or in a climate-controlled showroom called the Auto Barn. The Auto Barn will house 50 to 60 cars and will be kept at a constant 70 degrees. According to Graffisí general manager, Jami Still, customers will have better access to showroom cars because the windows will be rolled down and the doors will be unlocked.

The in-town location will be an addition to Graffisí location on U.S. Highway 666, which will remain open.

According to Still, the Graffis Motorsís expansion will improve the services that the company provides to the area, while still allowing Graffis to provide fast quality service to the customer through a non-commission sales staff.

"You can walk in and buy a car in 10 minutes, which you canít do in a new car dealership," Still said. "Our belief is that we do the exact opposite of what the new car dealerships do."

The in-town location will not change Graffis Motorsí sales tax policy, since the city sales tax is based on the purchaserís address, not the location of the car dealership. Only those purchasers whose permanent address is within the city limits are charged the city sales tax.

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