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Dove Creek bank gets new moniker

Oct. 30, 1999

Journal Staff Report

The Dove Creek State Bank announced that it will change its name to "Community Bank -- Dove Creek," effective about Dec. 1. Bank President Bruce Johnson said the name change was needed, since the bank now has offices in Cortez and Monticello.

"Having served this area for more than 50 years, we are truly this community’s bank," observed Johnson. "We have grown up with most of the families here, and worked hard to provide the community with banking services that meet our area’s unique needs. We felt the new name was appropriate and really described the strength and philosophy of the bank."

Community Bank -- Dove Creek’s principle office will remain in Dove Creek, with no changes in personnel. Dixie Mulligan, a native of Dove Creek who has returned from Bishop, Calif., where she worked in the banking business for more than 20 years, will serve as operations officer.

"Our customers don’t need to worry about the changes," said the Dixie. "You can still use your current checks. All your account numbers will be the same, from savings to loans. And those with direct deposits will not have any worries; all the numbers will stay the same. And we will still be sending you the canceled checks with your bank statement. Other than the name, you will not notice the change."

The only change that is planned is the replacement of the Dove Creek State Bank sign on the corner. A new Community Bank -- Dove Creek sign will be installed and will display the time and temperature.

Dove Creek State Bank was opened in 1949, just in time for the uranium boom. Now, 50 years later, the Community Bank -- Dove Creek will continue serving the community.

Kevin Barlow, also a native of Dove Creek, heads the Community Bank -- Cortez office, located at 2 E. Main. A new Cortez facility, currently under construction at 1438 E. Main, is scheduled to open in January 2000.

Community Bank -- Monticello is a loan-processing office, located at 317 S. Main in Monticello. The office is managed by Janiece Draper.

Community Bank -- Dove Creek has assets of more than $26 million as of Sept. 30. For more information, or to talk over concerns about the name change, call Bruce Johnson at 677-2241.

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